Enactive Virtuality Lab Highlights



The EU Mobilitas Pluss Top Researcher project by Pia Tikka has successfully ended on March 31, 2023.

The 67 months of the project titled Enactive Co-presence in Narrative Virtual Reality: A Triadic Interaction Model resulted internationally distributed peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, keynotes, conference presentations, and several experimental VR installations. Feel free to explore these webpage events, see 3 min video of the EU Mobilitas Pluss Top Researcher project (Production: Estfilm 2021) and see also the accumulated disseminations at the Estonian Research Council’s webpage ETIS https://www.etis.ee/CV/Pia_Tikka/eng

Enactive Virtuality Lab continues its activities and welcomes contacts for collaborations and new research adventures.

Mark in. your calendar: The 2nd Baltic NeuroCine conference scheduled May 2024. Call for papers to be published fall 2023.
In noting: Special issue dedicated to the 2nd Baltic NeuroCine conference 2024 is scheduled to be published by the International Journal of Film and Media Arts (IJFMA). More later.


The evolution of the virtual others in images

Images: The State of Darkness II – work in progress, 2022. character development by Ats Kurvet.

Image: The State of Darkness (VR 2018), character development by Victor Pardinho.

Image: Enactive Avatar created by Pia Tikka, Peter Hjorth and team, based on the 3D photogrammetry of the Finnish actress Maria Järvenhelmi (2012)