Enactive Virtuality Lab Highlights



The EU Mobilitas Pluss Top Researcher project by Pia Tikka has successfully ended on March 31, 2023.

The 67 months of the project titled Enactive Co-presence in Narrative Virtual Reality: A Triadic Interaction Model resulted internationally distributed peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, keynotes, conference presentations, and several experimental VR installations. Feel free to explore these webpage events, see 3 min video of the EU Mobilitas Pluss Top Researcher project (Production: Estfilm 2021) and see also the accumulated disseminations at the Estonian Research Council’s webpage ETIS https://www.etis.ee/CV/Pia_Tikka/eng

Enactive Virtuality Lab continues its activities and welcomes contacts for collaborations and new research adventures.

NEUROCINE workshop@BFM MAY 5-7, 2023

http://enactivevirtuality.tlu.ee/neurocine-seminar-workshop-days-2023/NEUROCINE WORKSHOP @BFM MAY 5-7, 2023

The evolution of the virtual others in images

Images: The State of Darkness II – work in progress, 2022. character development by Ats Kurvet.

Image: The State of Darkness (VR 2018), character development by Victor Pardinho.

Image: Enactive Avatar created by Pia Tikka, Peter Hjorth and team, based on the 3D photogrammetry of the Finnish actress Maria Järvenhelmi (2012)