Pia Tikka’s superviseé Elen Lotman — doctoral confirment ceremony at TLU

Excited announcement!

Pia Tikka’s superviseé Elen Lotman, cinematographer, will be confirmed as the first doctor from the artistic research line at the doctoral program of the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, TLU.

Image: Drs Pia Tikka, Elen Lotman, Madis Jävekülg, Indrek Ibrus, Teet Teinemaa, Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, Tallinn University


Time: 18 November, 2022 at 3 p.m
Venue: Tallinn University’s Ceremonial Hall (Narva Road 25, III floor)
Gathering of doctors and supervisors: T-307 at 2:15 p.m

The event will be broadcasted live on our internal televisions and on the Tallinn University Youtube channel.