Aleksander Väljamäe


Aleksander Väljamäe is an associate professor in Physiological Computing at Tallinn University, Estonia. His PhD in applied acoustics at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, focused on multisensory perception in motion simulators, especially, on auditorily induced illusory self-motion (2007). He has being active in 8 EU funded ICT-related projects since 2004 and also acts an external expert for EC. His current psychophysiology research concerns how audiovisual media influence humans on perceptual, cognitive and emotional levels, with particular stress on health/well-being and new applications (Brain-Computer Interfaces, neurocinema, neurotheatre). He actively participates in art and science projects, e.g., his technical directing of the “Multimodal Brain Orchestra” performance in 2009, Prague or directing neurotheatre performance “Demultiplexia” in 2017, Brussels. He authored over 30 journal articles and book chapters.