State of Darkness II – drafting the co-presence experience in narrative VR

VR Experience – draft April 2021, Pia
An updated version of feelings and experience of co-presence with a stranger as inner early state of darkness, but with upgraded functions and meta human char and perhaps participant may move in the space (t.b.d.)
The story
You (as a participant) put the head set on.
You hear warlike sound from somewhere above around suggesting you are below the ground, maybe a cellar.
You find yourself at the doorway of a cellar room. It is dark. Maybe some light streaming through the window crack to the street level…
You may be able to move around (or then the installation is experienced seated).
You are inside the room. Not sure if you are alone.
Then you realise there is some movement around you.
A flashlight is turned on.
You see a person sharing the room with you.
That person is a stranger for you (three different versions of meta human).
From this onwards, you need to hide in this cellar with a stranger.
External sound scape of the warlike situation outside.
The soundscape of the cellar.
The behaviors of the stranger (and the plausible hidden motivations) and events in the cellar will be written in more detail by Eeva, who will join the enactive team starting May 1.
  • Eeva: responsible of create the situation (story), behavioural motivations for the “stranger” and choreograph the movements and default facial behavior. This includes working with Ats with motion capture.
  • Tanja:performative environment elements.
  • Ats: UE environment,  the characters, visuals, sound scape, etc. all UE related functions, including motion capture.
  • Abdallah: tracking of user behavior and interpreting that into UE environment, finding the suitable way to measure facial expressions, eyetrakcing, etc. inside headsets (you proposed one option) – we should check that in more detail.