Panelist at the Neuro 2.0- Futuristic Trends in NeuroTechnology – NeuroTech-X/India

Day 2: Neuro 2.0- Futuristic Trends in NeuroTechnology, organised by NeuroTech-X/India

The Narrative Brain – a Neurocinematic approach
This talk discusses our neurocinematic findings on what might be characterised as the narrative brain, which both narrates and makes sense of narratives. Previous neuroimaging experiments have shown that viewers’ time-locked brain activations correlate when engaged with same narrative. In one of our fMRI studies, we identified specific story-content-related brain networks by comparing data collected from subjects viewing a film and others reading a film’s screenplay. We also studied differences in functional brain connectivity when watching a narrative drama film versus viewing a non-narrative experimental film. In yet another experiment we observed neural fingerprint patterns related to cue-based narrative sense-making during specific moments in a long feature film. Using movies as stimuli in neuroimaging experiments may serve as a practical starting point for understanding how human mind makes sense of complex everyday situations more generally. Challenges and directions for the future neurocinematics are discussed.

Sun 18 Oct 2020 5pm – 6pm Eastern European Time – Tallinn


TALKS for DAY 2 – Oct 18, 7:30pm to 11:00pm IST/ 10:00am to 1:30pm EDT/ 7:00am to 10:30am PDT

[7:45-8:00pm IST/ 10:15-10:30am EDT/ 7:15-7:30am PDT]: Neurotech in Cinema (NeuroCinematics) by Dr. Pia Tikka, Tallinn University

[8:05-8:20 PM IST/ 10:35-10:50 am EDT/ 7:35-7:50 am PDT]: Neurotech in Architecture (NeuroArchitecture) by Dr. Isabella Pasqualini, LeaV / Ecole nationale supérieure d‘architecture de Versailles ; NAAD / IUAV University of Venice.

[8:25-8:40PM IST/ 10:55-11:10am EDT/ 7:55-8:10am PDT]: Neurotech in Cognition (NeuroCog) by Dr. David Eagleman, Stanford University / Founding CEO: NeoSensory and BrainCheck

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